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Protect Your Child's Spine, Mind & Safety

Smartphones have expanded our abilities to communicate. Nevertheless, the entry of this technology into our households has brought many challenges regarding child and teen safety. Fortunately, today there is a solution. Teknekk is a new parental remote control app with 7 tools that can protect children’s and teens’ spines, minds, and safety. Parents now have the tools to help children and teens make a safe and healthy use out of our smartphones from any location.

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Instant Screen Timeout

Instant Screen Timeout

The Instant Screen Timeout feature allows parents to turn off their child's phone (like a remote-control for your TV) with one touch-of-a-button.

PG 13 Content Prevention

PG 13 Content & App Blocking

PG 13 Content Prevention protects your child from inappropriate content encountered while browsing by reducing exposure to content above the PG13 category.

Remote Control Panel

Parental Remote

Teknekk's Parental Remote-Control feature allows parents to remote-control their children's smartphones from anywhere in the world, on any device.

Text Neck Prevention

"Text Neck" Prevention

This feature forces a behavioral change by helping children to view their phones at a healthy angle for their spine by dimming and blocking the screen when used at an unhealthy angle.

No Teen Texting While Driving

No Teen Texting & Driving

TekNekk"s No Teen Texting & Driving is a vital feature that prevents teens from texting while driving. The screen blocks when on a vehicle in motion.

Where’s My Kid?

Where's My Kid?

Imagine being able to know where your child is at anytime, instantly! “Where’s my Kid?” shows you the exact GPS location with Google Maps.

Two smartphones with the TekNekk app on the screen

TekNekk – The Most Comprehensive Parental Control App