About Max

Maximiliano Gutiérrez Hoppe, better known as Max Gutiérrez in the world of racing, was born in Mexico City on December 18, 2002. Max has been a professional driver since he was 4 years old with an extraordinary performance in Mickel’s Trucks of NASCAR Mexico. Max reached the FEDEX CHALLANGE NASCAR PEAK MÉXICO 2019 as the first driver in the history of NASCAR to make his debut at just 17 years old. Since 2006 he began to carve out a career of achievements with his performance in his first race of the National Super Kart Cup Championship where he obtained the 3rd place in the Baby Stock category. In 2007 he won the 3rd place of the National Super Kart Cup Championship in the Modified Baby 50 category, and by 2008 he already became the National Champion of the Modified Baby 50 category of the new edition of the Super Kart Cup. On his return to the 2009 National Super Kart Cup Championship, he became the champion. The media and social networks have echoed the triumphs of Max, winner of the Silver Helmet Recognition of the Mexican Federation of Sports Motoring (FEMADAC) as Revelation Driver and winner of the Golden Helmet in 2018.