PG 13 Content Prevention

With the rapid advance of technology, children are constantly exposed to an a lot of questionable and inappropriate content. In some cases, young children might be viewing content that is too mature for them, and harmful to their healthy psychological and emotional development. Now that smartphones bring the world into children’s hands, it is more important than ever to take a proactive approach to guarding their mind, innocence, and youth. This is why having access to parental monitoring and prevention can reduce exposure to questionable content is a must! The Teknekk Ultimate Parental App is designed with parents in mind, and it helps protect children from accidental access to questionable content. See for yourself how simple, easy, and user-friendly protecting and monitoring your child’s mind can be.

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How Does PG 13 Content Prevention Work?

The Teknekk app allows parents to monitor and prevent their children’s content consumption without the need for multiple applications. The PG 13 Content Prevention control quickly and effectively blocks any content, or gaming apps parents choose, that are inappropriate for their children. Teknekk also allows parents to block app download locations so that they can review the app to be downloaded before it happens.

Not only will Teknekk block content and video-gaming apps that are rated above the PG 13 level, but you can also choose to add websites that may not have a rating to the “block-list,” manually. Teknekk gives parents the ultimate control to protect their children’s mental health, and safety. From blocking social media sites to video downloads, parents have control over what their children are exposed to at a young age. Teknekk makes parental content monitoring simple, and easy.