Parental Remote-Control Feature

The “Remote Control” feature allows parents to manage their kids’ smartphones, from any device, anywhere in the world – like a TV remote-control!  The remote-control admin website allows you to control all your children’s phone devices from a single screen. Teknekk’s Remote-Control is a constant connection with your child’s phone. Finally, you can parent your children without having to be there. It all adds up to the best child prevention and parental protection app available today!

How Does the Remote-Control Feature Work?
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Our unique app allows you to remote-control your child’s phone from anywhere in the world, on any device by loging into This is a great solution for the working parent or anyone who is constantly on the go. You might not be able to physically stand over your child’s shoulder to check-up on what they are doing, but you can monitor them from afar with this incredible technological solution.

With our parental remote-control app, you can monitor each phone individually. This means that you can quickly check-up on what your teenager is doing while they are out of town or make a quick connection with your youngster in the other room. Our goal at Teknekk is to give parents easy-to-use tools that allow them to check their child’s phone. Teknekk offers parental app solutions, such as our Remote-Control feature, that protect your child’s spine, mind and safety in one app that rules them all! Find out why Teknekk is leading the way in parental prevention technology.

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