Instant Screen Timeout Feature

It can be hard to limit how much time your child spends using a phone. Teknekk is here to help you take back control of your child’s screen time with our Instant Screen Time-Out feature that turns off your child’s phone like a remote-control to turn off your TV, instantly

  • Manage child’s smartphone from any device from anywhere
  • Instantly turn off child’s phone with the touch-of-a-button
  • Schedule times for phone to be used at home or in school
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Screen Timeout Scheduler

Not only can you instantly turn off your child’s screen, but you can also schedule specific times of the day you do not want children to be able to use their phones. This makes it easy to ensure they are not on their phones when they should be sleeping, studying, or enjoying family time. Simply select the days of the week, and the times, you want the phone to be blocked. It’s that easy! The time schedules can be remotely changed from the Parental Remote-Control after the initial set-up.


We strongly suggest sitting down with your child and discussing each of the tools, why screen time management matters, and come to an agreement of phone use times that makes sense for both parent and child. Create goals with them and make them part of the decision process. Pro-tip: Start with small 5-10% screen time decreases each month; this will allow the child to experience the benefit incrementally with little annoyance.

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