Phone Set-Up Instructions

TekNekk is currently only available for Android (IOS coming soon.) The child’s android phone device can be controlled from any device (Android, IOS, tablet, laptop, or desktop) by logging in to the parental remote-control website at App installation on the phone is intended for device set-up purposes only.

Prior to Starting the Phone Set-up

  • Collect and lay the parent’s phone and the child(ren)’s phone(s) side-by-side on a table
  • Have this page open on your desktop or phone to guide you through the setup process
  • The app will be downloaded and set-up on each phone separately
  • The set-up must be completed on each phone for the app to function properly

Parent Phone Set-Up (Admin Account)

  • From parent’s Android phone, go to the “Google Play Store” and Download the TekNekk App
  • Open the app and select “Set Up Parent Phone”
  • Read the “Terms of Use” and click “Accept All”
  • On the Sign-Up page, create the Admin Account by providing your profile information
  • Make sure to write down your username and password (you will need it to set up the child’s phone device)
  • Select the number of child phone devices and subscribe to the free trial (*Note that there may be a $1 fee to confirm that the credit card is active)
  • You will land on a screen confirming that your admin account has been created
  • Exit the app
  • Continue to the “Child Phone Set Up” section on this page

*Since this app is intended only for the phone device set-up, there is no further need to access this app except for adding an additional device to your plan. Use Tekknek from

Child Phone Set-Up

  1. From the child’s Android phone, go to the Google Play Store and Download the TekNekk App
  2. Open the app and select “Set Up Child Phone”
  3. Log in using the Admin username and password (do not auto-save nor share with your child)
  4. On “User Set Up” add the name and emergency contacts of the child that uses this phone
  5. You may be prompted to Activate device administrator or Draw over other apps, please accept all
  6. You should now be on the “Advanced Setup” screen. Click on the first button named “Screen Time-Out”

    -On the permission screen set the permission to ON

    -Accept all device permissions when prompted

    -All permissions must be accepted for Teknekk to function correctly

    -Use your device’s “back” button as needed to return to the Advanced Set Up page

  7. Continue the same process with the other 3 buttons. Note the following:

    -While going through the device permissions, the phone’s Settings screen may pop up. Disregard and go back to the app to continue the setup.

    -Text Neck Prevention: This feature dims the phone screen when it veers off too much from a 90° degree angle. Dimming starts instantly. Allow the tool to calibrate throughout the rest of the setup (5 minutes). If screen dims, reposition the phone at a 90° degree angle.

    -PG13 Filter & App Blocking: After setting permission to ON, on the next street select “Installed Services” or “Services” and select Teknekk from the list

  8. Once finished, you will notice that the border on all 4 buttons went from red to green – this means the child phone setup is complete!
  9. Exit the app

Each additional child phone must be set up separately from step 1 in this section. Once all phones are set up, to start using TekNekk log-in to the Parental Remote-Control Website at

*Since this app is intended only for the phone device set-up, there is no further need to access this app except for troubleshooting.

Parental Remote-Control Website

Once all phones are set up, start using TekNekk at

  • Access the Parental Remote-Control Website:

    -From any device at, or

    -Open app and click on “Go to Remote-Control”

  • Log-in with the admin username and password
  • From the remote-control, select the child’s phone that you want to control
  • You MUST turn the Teknekk App-Hide switch to ON to prevent the child from uninstalling the app
  • Scroll down to choose the settings for each parental tool (screen time scheduler, content filters, block/allow apps)
  • You can now help your child make better use of their smartphones!


We strongly suggest sitting down with your child and discussing each of the tools, why screen time management matters, and come to an agreement of phone use times that makes sense for both parent and child. Create goals with them and make them part of the decision process. Pro-tip: Start with small 5-10% screen time decreases each month; this will allow the child to experience the benefit incrementally with little annoyance.